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Combination Light + Infusion + Micro current treats skin well below the surface

WISHpro™ uses non-invasive (MIT) infusion Technology to defeat this cycle by driving specialised cosmetic formulations into the deeper levels of tissue,thereby treating cells at the optimal stage.Nutrition and circulation are restored.These NATURAL formulations which are infused evoke the skin’s natural healing processes resulting in healthier,firmer,calmer and younger-looking skin.

WISHpro treatments  address a wide range of skin concerns:

Conditions such as Acne,rosacea & Aging affect the processes which keep your skin vibrant,firm and healthy.As circulation to the individual skin cells slow,nutrition delivered to individual skin cells is also limited,further reducing circulation.in essence reduced circulation creates a spiraling cycle of skin decay with the presentation of wrinkles,Photo damage and/or inflammation.



WISHpro corrects the imperfection of the skin resulting in a much younger,firmer and healthier skin.

How does the Magnetic Infusion Technology of WISHpro™ work?

Alternating magnetic fields in the WISHprodrive carefully selected serums deep into skin,while the wand transforms the magnetic energy into either Light or Electric currents. This technique will give your skin a second youth.this revolutionary technique will allow the fighting of Aging signs, the treatment of Acne problems or it will offer you a toning skin cleansing,with visible results from the first session.

All treatments with WISHpro™ use multiple methods/modalities that treat the skin multiple times.

How often?

it is recommended to take a treatment based on 3 to 8 sessions depending on the care needed.

We offer a tailored treatment protocol for individual.

Price List 
WISHpro™ Acne£90.00
WISHpro™ Anti Aging £90.00
WISHpro™ peel exfoliator£70.00
WISHpro™ Rejuvenating

Please Note: a deposit of 50% of the treatment value will be asked upon booking of treatments more than 1hour